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This project is divided into three main modules as the following:

1- Client/Server Voice Chat module, one-multi and Full Duplex one-one
2- Client/Server Video Chat module, one-multi and Full Duplex one-one
3- Client/Server Desktop Presenter/Desktop Sharing module, one-multi

A Description Article:

- You need to Install Visual Studio 2010 or higher + Silverlight 5 Tools

- for testing you need at least to open two sessions you will not hear your voice or see the webcam if you are

working on one session

- The IP should be the IP Address of the server (Where the SocketCoder Server Listening)

- You can open this porject from (SocketCoderFree Modules.sln) and then right click on the SocketCoderFree

Modules inside the visual sutdio solution explorer then click on proprieties and then you can choose which

module/modules you would like to run on startup.

Note: This Project is just some simple samples, if you are looking for a production solution Visit SocketCoder.Com

to Test or Buy The Full SocketCoder WCS Web Conferencing Solution Source Code.

For More Info Feel Free to Contact US:

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