Free (SocketCoder) Silverlight Voice/Video Conferencing Modules Project

The Goal of this project is to provide complete Open Source (Voice/Video Chatting Client/Server) Modules Using Silverlight techniques, this project is divided into three main modules as the following:

1- Silverlight Client/Server Voice Chat module With speex codec, one-multi and Full Duplex one-one
2- Silverlight Client/Server Video Chat module, one-multi and Full Duplex one-one
3- Silverlight Client/Server Desktop Presenter/Desktop Sharing module, one-multi

A Description Article:

Note: The Free Open Source Modules are just some simple samples, if you are looking for a production solution Visit to Test or Buy The Full SocketCoder WCS Web Conferencing Solution Source Code With Professional Support.

Pro (SocketCoder) WCS Product - Silverlight 5 Version Features:

- Full Silverlight In Browser Client application
- Multi Conferencing Rooms
- Public/Private Voice/Video/Rich Text Chatting System
- Unlimited Talkers on each room to unlimited listeners
- Online Presenter System
- Files Sharing System
- Whiteboard
- Video Image Quality Controller

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